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6 Burner Stainless Steel Gas Stove/Oven- Specifications
 6 Volcano Plus Burners
 Polished Brass Burner Cap
 High Gloss Stainless Steel Body Finish
 Mirror Glass Top / Lid & Stainless Steel End Caps
 Double Oven Glass With Mirror Glass Outer
 Gas Oven With Gas Grill Function
 Chromed Oven Shelf
 Enameled Oven
 Gas Flame Control On All Gas Functions
 Oven Door With Intermediate Stop
 Rear Protector
 Sturdy Cast Iron Burner Grids
 Battery Ignition Device
 Stainless Steel Handle On Oven Door
 Flame Failure Device (FFD) On Gas Oven And Grill
 Supplied With Gas Regulator, Hose & Clamps
 Oven Capacity: 118L
 12 Month Guarantee

SBPVC50  High Pressure PVC Glue in a tube 50mm  (50 per box minimum)

SBPVC100  High Pressure PVC Glue in a tube 100mm (25 per box minimum)


DH5LELPG – 5lt White Low Pressure Gas Water Heater

White baked enamel front panel
Instant water heater with natural exhaust
Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS)
Allow for added cold water
Water flow sensor (no diaphragm) automatic ignition from two standard
torch batteries
Single gas control knob
Cold water inlet control valve
Water pressure 0.1 bar – 5 bar (one-meter to fifty-meter head of water)
Adjustable pressure relief valve
For indoor use with a flue

5 Burner Stainless Steel Hobs are back!